New episodes of award-winning German web series “Game of Souls” streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Game of Souls
Game of Souls

Luise cannot believe it – due to a cursed book full of myths, she travels back into the year 1410, straight to the medieval Fichtelgebirge. There she meets up with Liborius, who is currently writing the magic book, and his grumpy grandson Heinrich.
Heinrich has got a problem: he wanted to cheat the devil while playing cards with him. But the devil discovered Heinrich’s betrayal and took away his soul. Since then, Heinrich desperately tries to get his soul back. Soon, Luise becomes a thorn in the devil’s side, who fears the girl from the future might prevent him doing his evil deeds. Together, Luise and Heinrich start the fight against the evil itself, and meet up with many mythical creatures from the mediaeval Fichtelgebirge.

This is “Game of Souls“, the award-winning German web series created by Max Körner, with new episodes available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. More than 3 hours of fantasy and adventure.

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