Nepalese documentary “Last Nomads Of Everest” premieres at Independent Shorts Awards TV

“Last Nomads of Everest” is a documentary exploring the wilderness of the snowy Himalayas. Covered in the snow is the Nurkum village that lies around Everest region at the height of 4000 m above sea level. This documentary tells the story of the last Sherpa family holding the traditional Sherpa profession of Mountain cow husbandry in the most extreme weather condition. Aesthetically presented, this documentary tries to show the redemption and pain while holding the old way of tradition in the backdrop of modernist way of life. The poignant and spiritual glimpses of the Sherpa village, the people, the amazing costumes and their religious ceremonies are the glares of this cinematic treat.

Last Nomads Of Everest
Last Nomads Of Everest

“Last Nomads of Everest” (Nepal), a mandatory 29-minute documentary directed by Nischal Poudyal, is now available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV.

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