Award-winning comedy “Dinner with a Stranger” at Independent Shorts Awards TV

As a family argues about the country’s political and social issues, the controversies becomes full circle as a stranger attends dinner at the Passover Seder.

Dinner with a Stranger” (USA), the 8-minute film directed by Argentinian Daniel Fort, is available now for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Awarded honorable mention for Best Comedy Short in December 2019.

Dinner with a Stranger
Dinner with a Stranger

“After finishing shooting a feature project titled, ‘Back in the NO’ we wanted to keep the momentum going so we decided to enter a monthly Sundance Challenge. The rules for the challenge were to craft a scene or sequence (written or filmed) where an unexpected guest arrives at a family dinner for Thanksgiving or another significant holiday in your cultural practices. This is what we came up with”, explains Daniel Fort.

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