Award-winning horror short “Beckoned” premieres at ISA TV channel


On their way up to Bishop Falls to celebrate their anniversary, a young couple gets stranded on the road. Suddenly, their cell phones lose connection, their radio goes haywire– their weekend trip turns into a nightmare as they must flee a horrifying apparition.

Beckoned“, the 19-minute tense film directed by Richard Zelniker, is streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded Silver Best Horror Short in December 2019 and premiered by our associate competition IndieX Film Festival at Raleigh Studios Hollywood last month.

“A dark journey through the mysterious landscape of the woods is the motif of our short film, ‘Beckoned’. Our characters are drawn to the enigmatic forest, seduced by the danger, or the unknown, perhaps driven by the urge to escape the ordinary, or merely compelled by whim. Our protagonists deviate from their familiar lives on an odyssey against an apparition, an unearthly creature, and — most frightening of all — against their own psyche. Tangled in the thicket of wood, in the leafy shadows, they struggle to survive not only physically, but psychologically. When, or if, they come out of it alive, they will be heroes, transformed… and changed forever”, explains director Richard Zelniker.

The team of "Beckoned" at the IndieX screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood
The team of “Beckoned” at the IndieX screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood

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