Award-winning screendance short “Alleycat” premieres at ISA TV channel


A 20 year old, male presenting man finds a discarded piece of feminine clothing in the alley and envisions himself performing drag.

Alleycat” (USA), the 3-minute student screendance short directed by Shira Baron, is streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded honorable mention for Best Microfilm in December 2019.

“In ‘Alleycat’, I explore the role of daydreaming. Fantasy is displayed in a positive light and as an outlet for exploring intimate desires. The main actor, Troy Blakey, spent most of the film indulging himself in a daydream where he sensually dances through an empty nightclub. While watching the film, I want the audience to experience the beauty and sensuality of Troy’s imagination. Daydreams can be powerful. Daydreams can be kept secret. Daydreams can be powerful because they are our own secrets”, states director Shira Baron.

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