Red Queen

Red QueenThe pain of a breakup brings Raquel to a speed dating. An event where the conversations, short and fragmented, rather seem to resemble a twisted chamber of mirrors. It is then that, in front of Raquel, appears Rita. A meeting that will transform the night into a far greater challenge than Raquel could have ever anticipated.

“Red Queen” is a film where no dialogs were written for the characters. The lead actress had no prior information about the plot as she improvised with unusual and provoking characters, finding her way through the story. A story to which the second part to the plot was only revealed after having shot the first one, and where the ending, thus yet to be solved, would now be found by the characters.

“Red Queen” is a mixture between a film and a game, where both the characters and the cast and crew who created them entered the chess board. An uncanny and unexpected journey that will lead to the most bizarre of worlds – the one that exists inside each of us all.

Directed by Adriana Martins da Silva and Pedro Martins (Portugal)

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