Award-winning Italian mystery short “Constellatio Gemini: You Are Never Alone” premieres at ISA TV channel

Constellatio Gemini: You Are Never Alone
Constellatio Gemini: You Are Never Alone

Fabrizio and Lena are a couple like any other. They love each other and they are going to become a family. A family like any other. But there is something that scares them. There is something that causes panic attacks to Fabrizio and removes his sleep at night, leaving him at the mercy of daytime nightmares. Fabrizio, in fact, when he was still a fetus, had a twin that did not survive. Or at least that’s what Fabrizio had always believed, even if the figure he sees in his nightmares has something familiar…

Constellation Gemini: You Are Never Alone” (Italy), a 15-minute mystery short directed by Flavia Coffari is streaming now at ISA TV channel.

Awarded Gold Best First Time Director (Female) and Bronze Best Production Design in October 2019.

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