FerineRaina, she is the only child of her parents, she is the kind of snooty sassy girl, doing her architecture degree the second year, she comes from very well-heeled background, she does everything in her age like she smokes, booze and drugs as well, whatever today’s modern college life’s that manner is.
She is aware of that from school days that her parents always have been scrappy with each other, her mom and dad has own issues because of that her adolescent saw such stuff that’s hatched her, so she has created her own world and she lives in that
and her parents are not aware of that for the reason that they have been occupied in their own plight and issues still her mom, she is always immersed with her, but she is not circumspect about Raina’s raunchy style of living.
Raina’s boyfriend since from school days, Sidharth was a very bright student in his school days but after when he came into the college life, he become addicted of drugs, though in school days he was growing with smoking and drinking but now he hooked to smack, he turned to junkie now, Raina doesn’t endorse that substance abuses, because of his discourtesy after that he becomes aggressive and wild in such mundane things such that things never happened before.
One day she received message on her phone, she opens that message and see, her father’s message that supposes to send his girlfriend that message by mistake sent to her, and message was very off-color(vulgar), Raina shocked and became downbeat now Raina trying to pretend herself normal to don’t let her Mom to know that incidents and her father’s affair, during her low spirits one day Raina persuade Sidharth for smack shot, initially he shocked because she never tried that stuff but after her request, he arranges and both take smack shot from the same syringe a few moments later Raina becomes emotional and started saying I don’t want to be an in a relationship anymore, i want to be alone Sidharth became angry, he already high in that time and started shouting at her, started hurting her physically meanwhile Raina also becomes very
angry, Sidharth blackmails her if she leaves him, he will broadcast the video (sex video)(that video they often made on phone during the have sex) on the internet, now she
becomes irked and she smashes his phone, Sidharth slapped her, meanwhile, Raina has started breathing problem and suddenly strokes came and she died.

The film opens from the Mortuary house of the hospital and ends with the same scene.

Written by Ashutosh Jha (India)

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