What Is Love?

What is Love?Love is a word we all use, but rarely stop and try to define. ‘What Is Love?’ asks this question of people from all walks of life, ages, sexualities and cultures. Everyone brings unique stories of love: love lost, love won – perspectives both personal and universal. They speak from the depths of years of experience, from the freshness of youth, from the battlegrounds and successes of love.

The ninety interviewees had no idea of the questions in advance. They graced us with their innermost feelings and thoughts: actors, writers, artists, musicians, spiritual teachers, the woman who overturned DOMA, politicians, therapists, farmers, entrepreneurs, yogis, chefs and surfers and so many more, including Alec Baldwin, Lynda LaPlante, Rodney Yee, Edie Windsor, Mercedes Ruehl, John Mankiewicz and Ron Guttman.

‘What Is Love?’ offers something for all of us to relate to, to question, to discuss, to pass on. Moments that touch the very essence of our souls with humor, pathos, vulnerability, joy and occasional stunned silence.

Directed by Jane Martin (USA)

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