Lost Luna

Lost Luna
Lost Luna

There were once two fish swimming by each other in the same pond all day and night, and would still not recognize each other. Humans are not very different.

Radhika drives into this sleepy village with her Professor to look for the woman who had breastfed her and left most quietly even before she (Radhika) could feel a sense of loss.
Indira, a struggling model, and Radhika’s biological mother, carries the burden of the decision she had once made to have a wet nurse for her daughter. She is also constantly conflicted about what a mother indeed is all about.
Durga, the wet nurse, with nothing at all to say of her past, steps into the house to feed the child and leaves only to give in to her destiny.

Lost Luna sketches journeys of these three women, ways in which they travel inwards and on roads they choose, to reveal a web of encounters and an even stranger set of emotions mostly never recognized.

Directed by Apratim De (India)

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