French director Rouben Manika receives in Paris his ISA award for Best Drama Short of the Year


Award winner of Best Drama Short of the Year for his film “Sceptre“, Rouben Manika, who couldn’t attend the ISA Hollywood Annual Awards at the Raleigh Studios last August, was finally able to celebrate his recognition.

The ISA official trophy was received by the French director in Paris.

The “Sceptre” team was in Los Angeles for the Independent Shorts Awards live screening in May 2019, held in Burbank, CA.

The award-winning French thriller was the chosen film to close the screening blocks of 2019 ISA Hollywood Annual Awards.

Screened twice by Independent Shorts Awards, “Sceptre” was one of the great sensations of the festival last year.

A 25-minute masterpiece that retraces the course of Stan, 24, who after spending several years in criminality decides to return home to reconnect with his family, and thus find a rhythm of a holy life. Upon returning to the family home, everything does not go as planned; and this, especially during the reunion with his mother. Despite this new tumultuous start, Stan has only one goal: to become a new man.

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