Award-winning Chinese animation short “The Quintet of the Sunset” premieres at ISA channel

What we expect from the relationship with the animals reveals how we want to be treated and respected. The film focuses on the evolution and changes in human beings’ life from the first-person perspective of an animal.

In “The Quintet of the Sunset“, five cats with distinguished personalities live their healthy and happy lives thanks to the care and love of their owner Gina. When Gina reaches the end of her life, they watch over Gina forever in their own way and their hearts beat as one with Gina’s heart.

The Quintet of the Sunset
The Quintet of the Sunset

Directed by Jie Weng, “The Quintet of the Sunset” (China) is streaming now at ISA channel. A mandatory 8-minute film for all family. Awarded Gold Best Animation Short in December 2018.

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