Award-winning Spanish sci-fi short “Pura Energía 2.0” premieres at ISA channel

Pura Energía
Pura Energía

They thought it was a distant future. They thought they knew disaster. But only a few of us were aware of what surely would happen…

In a time when cities grew without limits, where chaos was televised live while people played God, reality was catching up to us- until the day the red dust covered it all. Making us pay for our sins, collapsing our lungs, choking our hope… 2051. Few will survive, with almost no water or food, and barely any… energy.

Pura Energía 2.0” (Spain), the outstanding 20-minute sci-fi short directed by Francisco Garcia Mateos, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Platinum Best Sci-Fi Short in May 2018.

A mandatory short film.

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