Award-winning Nigerian docudrama “Omolara” premieres at ISA channel

Omolara (A Docudrama on Coastal Poverty)
Omolara (A Docudrama on Coastal Poverty)

Coastline cities around the world are expected to enjoy a significant level of wealth as they stand out above all else. Akodo, situated on the coastline of Lagos is the ironic story of the silver line.

In this town, we meet a young lady who painstakingly struggles to make a better life for herself, pushing beyond a disconnected spouse and a community determined to destroy them. Broken and weak, she eventually has to defend her most precious asset.

Omolara” (Nigeria), a mandatory 22-minute docudrama directed by Esther Kemi Gbadamosi, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Bronze Best Director (Female) and an honorable mention for Best Drama Short in June 2019.

“The documentary film ‘Omolara’ highlights the issue of coastal poverty, the battles, and the pains. We explore the perspective of the next generation, and how education and enlightenment can bring about infrastructural development and generate new sources of wealth”, states the Nigerian director.

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