Award-winning Brazilian horror short “Ego Sum! (I Am!)” premieres at ISA TV channel

Ego Sum! (I Am!)
Ego Sum! (I Am!)

It’s night, rain. Father and amateur filmmaker, in the church, are shooting a documentary. The filmmaker captures in the camera, paintings at the ceiling of the cathedral. They shift personal impressions about their meanings. They evoke God, angels, demons, and men. Someone arrives at the door of the church. Unintentionally, both are involved in a millennial conflict.

Ego Sum! (I Am!)” (Brazil), the 25-minute horror short directed by Waner Biazus, is streaming now at ISA channel. For mature audiences.

Awarded Silver Best Mystery Short and Best Original Story, and two honorable mentions for Best Male Director and Best Actor (Arcângelo Zorzi) in April 2018.

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