Award-winning microfilm “Rage” streaming at ISA channel

Surrounded by his idols, and clad in gloves and shorts, a man loses himself to his boxing passion… but at what cost?

Awarded Bronze Best Microfilm in October 2018, “Rage” (USA) directed by Seattle-based student filmmaker Myles Ross is streaming now at ISA channel. A powerful 98-second work on boxing passion featuring Johanan (Joe) Gabriel.


“An abandoned idea for a small class project, that emerged into something completely new. With ‘Rage’, I wanted to see if I could create the one thing I think lands at the heart of film; emotion. I may not be able to test my mettle with feelings too complex or incredible, but with this film, there is one single emotion I was trying to capture… Shot in one day, and after a post period of nearly a month plus screenings, I hope I was able to channel a little bit of my own ‘Rage’ into you watching this”, says director Myles Ross.

Check out here the video statements of filmmaker Myles Ross and leading actor Johanan (Joe) Gabriel made for Independent Shorts Awards.

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