British fantasy short “Three Little Hearts” premieres at ISA streaming channel

This short film will guide you to witness the quest of two groups of alien children; one white and the other coloured, both of whom just arrived on Earth. In order to survive on this planet each of them needs a heart, which can be given only by The Man, who has been acting as such custodian for the past two centuries. Now nearing the end of his mission, he has only three hearts left, but he is shocked to learn that there are two groups of aliens seeking him. Do aliens know each other? Can we guess which group will be rewarded? Do aliens know they need love to survive on this planet?

Some questions of “Three Little Hearts” (UK), an 8-minute fantasy film directed by Nina Kojima. Awarded Platinum Best Children Short and Best Fantasy Short, and Gold Best Director (Female), in November 2018. Streaming now at ISA channel.

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