Award-winning thriller “F A L L” arrives at ISA streaming channel

Virginia-based Vigil Bose introduces his debut film, a 20-minute thriller that conquered 8 ISA awards between Platinum and Gold. “F A L L” is the title of an ambitious and solid work that makes us glimpse a very promising path for the newcomer filmmaker. Streaming now at ISA TV channel.

“F A L L” weaves the struggles of a former undercover agent in shaking off the demons from his traumatic past with the help of a passionate psychiatrist. A brief peek into the state of a disturbed mind with glimpses of vivid illusionary experiences. An ambitious and solid short film with the intent, as says Vigil Bose, to break the stereotypes adopted while narrating a mainstream subject by featuring a predominantly minority cast and team members.

Check out here the video statement of Vigil Bose done for Independent Shorts Awards.

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