Award-winning romantic comedy “She Comes In Colors Everywhere” premieres at ISA streaming channel

She Comes In Colors Everywhere
She Comes In Colors Everywhere

An introverted writer confines himself in a world of black and white. One day a free-spirited barista crashes into his life and awakens love and color in him. The tagline of the award-winning romantic comedy short “She Comes In Colors Everywhere” (USA) streaming now at ISA channel.

The film tells the story of Harold, who closes himself up in a world of black and white with a black and white fantasy girlfriend. One day a graffiti artist named Annie crashes into his life and brings color with her. Harold tries to stay away, but in the end, he realizes that he wants a colorful life and lets go of the fantasy.

Awarded Silver Best Comedy Short and Best Cinematography (Dingxuan Huang) in February 2019, the 30-minute “She Comes In Colors Everywhere” directed by Yao Yu is one of the 200 amazing award-winning films already gathered at the exclusive Independent Shorts Awards streaming channel.

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