Terra Nostra (“Our Earth”)

Terra Nostra ("Our Earth")
Terra Nostra (“Our Earth”)

Terra Nostra shows the story of the earth from its creation to present day. The goal of the piece is to use the emotional power of the arts to help people commit to action in the face of the urgent crisis of climate change.

Terra Nostra’s architecture is based on a timeline spanning from before the Big Bang, through present time, and on to an unknown future. The music and visuals begin with Pre-Big Bang and move to depictions of the early earth and life, starting with plants and progressing from animals to humans and early civilizations. Musical quotes from different historical eras are used to travel through time before coming to the Industrial Revolution, mass production, and accelerating population growth. The effects of climate change become apparent in rising seas, drought, and wildfires and their aftermath. Even as many deny the science and pursue business as usual, the rates of extreme weather events, severe air and water pollution, and melting polar ice increase.

We are facing a clash between the constant, rapidly expanding world-wide growth and the need for sustainability. However, nature is resilient, each individual can make a difference, and humanity has the capacity for resolve and greatness. With a musical SOS sounding, Terra Nostra shows that the point of no return is near, warranting immediate, global action of the greatest magnitude. The piece ends with a poignant violin duet symbolizing the possible and necessary return to a state of harmony between humans and nature.

Directed by Christophe Chagnard and Charlie Spears (USA)

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