Australian award-winning documentary on adoption premieres at ISA channel

You Should be Grateful
You Should be Grateful

The award-winning documentary “You Should be Grateful” directed by Heather Waters (Australia) is streaming now at ISA channel.

Told by adult adoptees about the effects of being adopted has had on their lives, a 39-minute documentary to relaunch the discussion about the adoption problematic.

In early 2018, a group of brave adopted adults came together at a weekend getaway, to share their experiences of what life has been like living as an adopted person. Following this, some were interviewed where they dispelled the myths and exposed the truths of the complexities that adoption brings. This is their journey, worlds apart yet the familiarity of adoption will bring them together.

“Adoption is a global problem in that largely, it does not address the needs of the child but rather, focuses on the desires of the adults. Adoption is damaging, on many levels, to a child who will then need to live with the effects of that for the rest of their life. I strongly believe the first achievable step is to keep the child’s identity as a whole, intact. Their name, medical history, ancestry and relatives all need to be open and accessible to them at all times. Working towards less damaging ways can help development which leads to a more whole human being and healthy adult”, underlines filmmaker Heather Waters.

Awarded Bronze Best Documentary Short in February 2019, “You Should be Grateful” is one of the 200 amazing award-winning films already gathered at the exclusive Independent Shorts Awards streaming channel.


  1. Looking great, an adoptee who has lobbied for adoptees within Australia since 1983 I am very pleased to see this short film recognised. Our stories as adopted ones needs to be told. Many adopted children/babies did not go to loving homes but were used and abused in the most terrible and horrific ways. I am one of those adoptees. More stories need to be told and especially the stories and accounts of adoptees who suffered abuse at the hands of adoptive parents, the very people chosen for us. The very people our mothers were told would give us better lives, the ones held up as saints and angels,. yet many were really monsters, cruel, mentally ill, substances abusers, child molesters, and emotionally and physically unavailable and should never have been given a child at all. Currently there is no accountability for these crimes against adopted children. For the thousands of adult adoptees who have been systematically and cruelly silenced by abuse and ill treatment, we ask why are we kept silent?. Think of it this way; it would be like not allowing victims of institutional abuse by clergy a voice, or a right to compensation, or legal recourse and redress.. The truth is, that not all priests are good people, just like not all adoptive parents are saints.. they abuse just as readily as priests have done to thousands of innocent children and the church was/ is a cover. Adoption was/is a cover as well. It is a fallacy to think that just because you put your hand up to adopt or look after children that you are a safe person. Why does Australia refuse to address this issue? Why have adopted people who have suffered abuse within the homes they were sent been refused an apology by every state and federal government here in Australia? I would love to see a documentary on that that story… lets hope it happens. I would be the first to offer what I know!

  2. So important ,these testament…”out of the mouths of babes” ….

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