Award-winning Chilean “This Day We Saw the Volcano” premieres at ISA TV channel

This Day We Saw The Volcano
This Day We Saw The Volcano

Directed by Polish Dagmara Wyskiel, the award-winning “This Day We Saw the Volcano“, produced in Chile, arrives now at ISA TV channel.

On desert wilderness, without adults, two boys try to find answers to their questions. They roam through open spaces, without hurry. They rest in the middle of the road or under high voltage towers. They talk about life and death, ask what for are the teachers, about the big animals that died out many years ago, about absolute darkness, about foreign languages and about the news that comes to us in glass bottles. They make us question adulthood.

Awarded Silver Best Experimental Short at the August round, “This Day We Saw the Volcano” is a powerful 13-minute cinematic experience. Streaming at the exclusive channel of Independent Shorts Awards available only for the subscribers.

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