Best Narrative Short of the Year “Canicule”, from France, premieres at ISA TV Channel

It was love at first sight since “Canicule” was awarded Best Film of the Month on May 2018. But it took more than one year for the 22-minute French drama directed by Leila Lamblin and Charly Destombes be recognized finally at the highest level by the judges’ committee of Independent Shorts Awards, as one of the best of the year.

Canicule” was premiered last month during the 2019 ISA Hollywood Annual Awards event, at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Best Narrative Short of 2019, “Canicule” arrives now at the ISA TV channel.

Natalia Pujszo and Louis De Villers in "Canicule"
Natalia Pujszo and Louis De Villers in “Canicule”

On a hot summer night in Paris, Lou, 26, is throwing a party at her place. As time goes by, she appears to be at a crossroad in her life, slowly realizing she is not as personally fulfilled as she thought she was. A chapter will close that night, leaving room for a brand new start.

Check here for the exclusive interview with the two young French directors.

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