The Depressive

The DepressiveDuring her suspension period from school, Koko stayed at home, but she could hardly feel the warm of her family. Taking the opportunity of classmate party, she hoped to meet her old dream again. Guoguo, who dropped out from school after being famous for her writing, broke out Koko’s dream of healing at the party because Guoguo’s first well-known works was based on Koko’s story. Guoguo’s motivation was so complex and delicate… And Guoguo’s secret of writing was discovered by Koko at the classmate party…

The short film tries to involve in the family and the inner heart of the depressives, through which the weakness and sadness of the depressive are perfectly revealed and in which a reversal is planned in the later session to present the humanity and soul. Animation is used in this film, furthermore, memories and dreams are showed through experimental film with an open ending.

Directed by Zhou Shi Tao (China)

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