Mrs. Henry Presents: The Last Waltz

Mrs. Henry Presents:  The Last WaltzEnlightening, talent ridden, humorous, and an obvious labor of love, Mrs. Henrys Last Waltz not only honors the legacy of The Bands infamous star studded classic but also portrays a San Diego brotherhood of terrific storytellers and community organizers. Filmed at the internationally acclaimed Belly Up Tavern, this documentary showcases the Citys finest, including guest performances from Pat Beers of The Schitzophonics, Brenden Dellar of Sacri Monti, Jesse Lee of The Paragraphs, Clinton Davis, Noah C Lekas and more.
True to the Scorsese form, the documentary traces the groups history, reveals the process of arranging the performance, and marks the impact that the seminal concert had on each member of the band. From DIY warehouse festivals, and analog recording studios this film is a representation of the torch being passed sure, in a different time and place but with the same beating heart, reminding us that the rock and roll spirit is alive and louder than ever.

Directed by Daniel Cervantes and Andrew Huse (USA)

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