Love You Can Buy

Love You Can BuyJeremy and Tina they are couple. They live in an apartment. One day Tina goes out of town to take care of her ill dad, but Jeremy stays at home. After Tina lives, Jerry bought a “Magic Can” from internet by accidentally. The Magic Can is a product that when you put in the water, A dream lover will shows up. and the dream girl is going to date with you until expiry date. The Magic Can delivers a pretty girl to Jeremy, Jeremy gives her a name call Angela. Jeremy starts to date with Angela. they go to beach、park、cinema…etc. few days later the magic can expire,Angela disappear. Tina comes back home she can’t find Jeremy, Jeremy disappear. Suddenly Tina opens a cabinet which filled with Magic cans “PRO”. Tina takes one out and throw in to the water, suddenly a man shows up who is looks exactly the same as Jeremy.

Directed by Weilun Feng (USA)

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