Love in a Lifetime

Love in a Lifetime
Love in a Lifetime

It has been said:
“In essence, film is a story told with images. The best films construct a narrative not with dialogue but with pictures”

And so other than it’s introduction, we wanted the film to carry the audience without dialogue through it’s winding storyline by using stark images, body language, facial expressions, musical noir and it’s cinematography. Can the images and music take you through the emotions of it’s main characters ?

Set and filmed primarily in La Jolla California…. romance, suspense, fashion and an element of surprise occurs as 2 principle characters lives intertwine.

Please enjoy….and let the music and images allow you to feel…what the characters feel…..

Also…if you notice the film sticks at the beginning on the Film Freeway portal, you may also view on Vimeo where it runs smoothly: password is …midnight.

Directed by Howell Cole Kickliter and Ken Gora (USA)

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