Bxautiful Nightmarx

Bxautiful Nightmarx
Bxautiful Nightmarx

In a prestigious corner office Derrick Manning, a suave and slightly guileful executive, is interrupted by a text from his wife’s phone. A picture of lingerie piques his appetite and excitement draws him in, luring him to come home early. As he reads the final text, he launches into a panic, sending him dashing out of the office.

Trina, the gorgeous woman seen in the lingerie from the previous text messages is in her custom built architectural masterpiece home. She carefully primps and prepares a romantic evening for the man she loves. Everything seems perfect and proudly dotes on the diamond ring adorning her left hand. A wave of contentment washes over her.

As Derrick arrives to the house, aware of a threat inside the house, he rushes upstairs to where TRINA is waiting for him with a sandwich, champagne and an expectation of gratitude. However, when DERRICK crashes into the room, he disregards her with a harsh tone asking the whereabouts of another woman.

When her efforts go unnoticed it begins to feel all too familiar; TRINA commands DERRICK’s respect, demanding he eat the sandwich she lovingly prepared for him. As DERRICK forces down the sandwich- at gunpoint, it is revealed that earlier that day, TRINA cleverly duped DERRICK’s new wife, eliminated her and then made herself at home.

Still eating the sandwich, DERRICK notices his wife’s phone TRINA used to text him earlier laying on the bed in close range. He tries to coax TRINA into putting down the gun and to sit next to him and rest.

Feeling unheard and unappreciated, TRINA explains that after being locked in a mental facility for two years, sitting and resting are the last things on her agenda. DERRICK abruptly lunges for his wife’s phone, triggering TRINA.

A shot is fired. The room turns still. TRINA realizes the “crazy” she had been denying for the past two years has just been realized and yet she feels justified. This acknowledgment is the key to the freedom from which she’s been deprived.

Directed by Brittny Williams (USA)

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