Independent Shorts Awards

Pretty Little Bubbles

“Pretty Little Bubbles” is a powerful and emotional short film about ex-soldier Terry coping with life after Afghanistan, whilst struggling to raise his West Ham supporting twin daughters. highlighting PTSD and disability.
Directed by James Garrett (UK)

A Friend in Need

Three couples, confident their friendship is indestructible.
But sometimes people come into your life and the impact they have is way beyond your control. Chris has told Laura all about Mike. The firm’s number one client, a war hero whose marriage is in tatters and whose mental state is fragile. Their comfortable existence and that of their closest friends depends on everyone making sacrifices.
When it appears that Mike wants to ruin them, all loyalties are called into question, every relationship is stretched to breaking point, because whoever is trying to hurt them, Chris knows it can’t possibly be Mike.
“A Friend in Need” is a story about trust, friendship and the ultimate betrayal.
Directed by Matt George Lovett (UK)


Angelika must solve a mysterious crime while avoiding a greedy ex-employee and flirting with her lawyer, in her Biggest Adventure yet!
Directed by Josh Minnie (USA)


With only one night left to earn his rent money, a male escort journeys to a cabin in the woods to fulfill the desires of a lonely girl… or two?
Directed by Bettina Campomanes and Ellis Senger (USA)

Under The Weather

Sunny is a girl who’s bad thoughts are demons that live on her shoulders. Every day, her inner demons fly up to her ear and whisper insecurities and insults in her ear to make her upset. As her mood worsens, so does the weather until an ocean of her own tears overtakes her. This film a collimation of a year of work that is meant to speak to the troubles of learning to love yourself, especially when dealing with depression and anxiety.
Directed by Julia Walker (USA)

The Feast of the Goat

Saeed (9) trying to stop his father from sacrificing his goat in the day of Eid al-Adha. But he goes into trauma as he fails to do so.
Written by Saeed Zamanian (Iran)

As the Earth Turns

“As the Earth Turns” (unreleased 1938 film, available for the first time in 80 years) is a 45 minute, sci-fi film that foresaw WWII, future-technology, climate change, and the extreme need for peace, as the world was drifting back into world war again.
Directed by Richard H. Lyford (USA)