Joel Junior statement on ISA award-winning “Ice Cream and Tequila”

Three nominations, one award: Gold Best LGBT short in October round. “Ice Cream and Tequila” is the debut work of Brazilian filmmaker Joel Junior, filmed in LA, the first short ever that approaches the theme of Postcoital Dysphoria (vulgar Post-sex blues).

“Ice Cream and Tequila” shows the point of view of sex as an exchange of energy, and how this process can affect someone in a deep and mysterious way. The challenge launched by first time director Joel Junior, who started his career as a musical theater actor and later as a writer of an original musical. Before this first short film, Joel directed the web series “Get it together!” and is working now on a new pilot and two feature films.

Below the video statement of Joel Junior about this experience of having “Ice Cream and Tequila in competition at Independent Shorts Awards.

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