I Want To Be a BASE Jumper

I Want To Be a BASE Jumper

I Want To Be a BASE Jumper

BASE jumping is considered one of the world’s most dangerous extreme sports. Practitioners jump with a parachute from fixed objects such as buildings, antennas, span or earth.  Unlike regular skydiving from an aircraft, there is no reserve parachute in BASE jumping. This is because there is no time for a reserve to deploy.

Carl-Oskar is 29 years old and working as a politician in Stockholm. Almost every day for the last two years, Carl-Oskar has been thinking about how it would feel to jump from a mountain cliff. Despite the big risk and that both family and colleagues are very doubtful, Carl-Oskar signs up for a course in BASE jumping in Norway.

This is a film about BASE jumping through Carl-Oskar and the preparations, the experience, the danger, the intense feelings and the people around the sport.

Directed by Martin Flink (Sweden)