Spanish Arturo M. Merelo: two shorts films, two major ISA Awards

Awarded Platinum Best Experimental Short for “Quarume: Never Go Back” and Gold Best Narrative Short for “On the Border“, Spanish filmmaker Arturo M. Merelo is one of the most surprising and talented artists of September round.

Watch below his video statement for Independent Shorts Awards.

Born in Spain and a relentless traveler, Arturo M. Merelo studied Communication (cinema branch) and from there he focused on expressing himself through frames. His main three short films have been made in different countries and languages; “The Idiot” (2010), shot in England; and the two ISA award-winning “On the Border” (2018), shot in Chiapas, México, and “Quarume: Never Go Back” (2018), shot in Sicily, Italia. He has worked in commercial production companies in México and as professor of cinema history.

Besides his short films, Arturo has some other “small pieces” as the beginning of an online series, “Los hombres ultraparanoides”, and other experimental works, that you can check on his website (

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