Kimia’ Workman: “Never lose focus on the thing or things you love”

Kimia’ Workman is an American film and television actress, writer, producer, and director. Learn more about her latest project, “Shock Nation”, awarded by ISA an honorable mention as Best Web Series/TV Pilot in the round of August.

Shock Nation
Shock Nation

“Shock Nation” is a web series about a girl growing up in the streets of Baltimore City looking to find her way. She lost her inspiration for dance, as well as her hope for surviving and getting out of her neighborhood when issues and conflict transpired within her family. Through inspiration from her school dance team Shock Nation, and a love for the dance she cannot deny or let go, she regains hope and inspiration.

Shock Nation
Shock Nation

ISA: What made you do this series?

Kimia’ Workman: I wanted to do something different to bring a different light on Baltimore other than just violence. This is an inspirational story and although it shows the struggles of a single parent who fell addicted to alcoholism, it shows the positive outcome of staying focused on what truly matters in life, whether it’s your dreams, your family, your children, or yourself.

ISA: How long was shooting and what challenges were faced?

KW: Shooting lasted about 5 months, scheduled only on weekends. Some of the challenges were sticking to the budget. Because this is completely independent, I did have a Go Fund Me account that helped us raise $2,100. However, we still ran way over that.

ISA: What impact do you expect to have with the series?

KW: It makes people think about themselves and their own situations they may be in. So many people get distracted from their dreams and what they really want out of life because of many issues or situations that plague their lives. This story shows that no matter what life may put you through, never lose focus on the thing or things you love.

ISA: What’s next for “Shock Nation”?

KW: We just wrapped Season 2 and looking to do a premiere in late Fall. We then look to get a distribution deal to possibly continue on for another Season. We thank everyone for the love and support they’ve shown us and with the right team, investors, or distributors, we would be glad to bring another season.

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