Nora Jaenicke statement in NYC on ISA award-winning “Whales”

The statement in New York of Nora Jaenicke, writer and director of ISA Platinum award-winning “Whales“, for Best Drama Short, in the round of September. Filmed in Italy, “Whales” was also nominated for Best Film of the Month.

Nora Jaenicke
Nora Jaenicke

“‘Whales’ is a film about a family’s secluded, twisted world. A homage to sisterhood and the impact that lies can have on our lives”, says Nora Jaenicke. “A film with an ending that sheds light onto a dark secret that has been haunting the family members for most of their lives.  It is a challenge to describe each character in their complexity, and reveal the effects that the interweaving of past events has left upon each one of them, and most importantly, upon their relationships to one another. I wanted to tell a story that is both painful and yet, strangely beautiful and touching in its resolve, as it leaves us with Margot and Louise confronting the truth, after years of living a lie. At the end, however, the message isn’t of peace and calm after the storm. As a matter of fact, there is no message at all. My intention is to share their lives and struggles and allow the audience to make their own conclusions.”

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