Independent Shorts Awards


Three fashion films, each shot independently featuring a single character, combine organically into a single journey past the confines of a post-truth world.
Directed by Shannon Lowell Frady (USA)

The Shroud

By trying to make fun of old legends, the young Katic will learn to her regret that one should never mock the dead.
Directed by Marie Vandelannoote (France)

I Am Tomek

Tom lives with Katie. They hire a beautiful gardener. Tom definitely fancies her.
Directed by Pawel Son Ngo (Poland)

Parastish Rooh Se: Spiritual Worship

Out of millions of devotees in our world who pray and undertake expensive pilgrimages, hardly anyone understands the real meaning of Prayers or Pilgrimages like Hajj which is actually an inward act of compassion of intentions towards the Allah (God) and his children. And the Almighty God does not accept the Hajj or prayers merely on the basis of a physical journey. Through our fiction short film, inspired by a mythical story about the real meaning of a pilgrimage or worship, is demonstrated by a poor cobbler who has no resources to perform Hajj Mecca but through his spiritual strength and noble heart, his prayers are accepted by the Almighty.
Directed by Suresh K Goswami (India)

Nakusha: The Unwanted One

Nakusha, which means The Unwanted One, is the story of many newborn girls in India. The intentional and barbaric act of female infanticide is carried out fearlessly even today. The film portrays the gender-selective killing of a newborn girl and those few minutes that she gets to live in a small village in Maharashtra.
Directed by Pranay Meshram (India)

Bougie Ass Brandon

Brandon seems to have everything in life at first glance. Unfortunately, he gets in his own way when it comes to family, friends and relationships. Can Brandon change his ways once he finds out shocking news that will change his life as he knows it?
Directed by Valerie Alleyne Udeozor (USA)

Travellers in Time

‘Travellers in Time’ is the official music video and lead song from the Australian musical ‘Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets’ about a young Melbourne girl who can’t keep Audrey Hepburn out of her head and her therapy sessions.
Directed by Noel Anderson (Australia)


Maria’s story is a familiar one — with a violent and heartbreaking twist. Frustrated with her mother’s seemingly overbearing concern, teenage Maria runs to the arms of an older man who pays her attention and promises her love, if she will do just one thing. Maria realizes too late that what she thought was love was a ploy for control until a chance encounter changes everything.
Directed by Angelo Reyes (USA)