Independent Shorts Awards

Troubled Times

An Irish Catholic boy spends the day with an English Protestant girl during the height of the Irish Troubles.
Written by Jared Crowelle (USA)


An exiled smuggler, hiding out in the lawless underworld of Phnom Penh, struggles to cope with the confinements of fugitive life.
Directed by Howie Cheung (Canada)

The Tattooist

‘The Tattooist’ studio is renowned for its remarkably crafted tattoos. But during your visit, you’ve been drugged and imprisoned with other unfortunate victims that bear his prized masterpiece. Fight your fears and race against time to escape from The Tattooist before you end up as a victim of his morbid obsession!
Directed by Michael Wong (China)

For The Love Of Fear

Norman comes to realize the hard way that sometimes it is best not to indulge our baser instincts and dark impulses that dwell in the shadows of all of us.
Written by Luke Hanlon (Ireland)


When a gifted but frustrated Broadway dresser finally reaches her breaking point with her life backstage, she decides to take a stab at her real dream.
Directed by Peini Chen (USA)

Try Light Zone: Episodes 1-3

Each mini-episode in the “Try Light Zone” is a standalone story, dealing with controversial and contemporary issues that deal with aging, loneliness or dying. Set in Utah’s red rock country and in the alternative present time, every episode has its own twists and shocking ending.
Directed by Sandra Hammack-Brown (USA)