Featurette: Behind the scenes of ISA award-winning “Seed”

Josh Kaukl is a nurse, a writer and a new filmmaker from Columbus, Ohio. A filmmaker on the rise whose second work, “Seed” was awarded by ISA, in June season, Silver Best Horror Short.

Watch below the video of behind the scenes, specially edited for Independent Shorts Awards.


Synopsis: Following the death of a developmentally delayed young man’s co-dependent mother, Ryan gets to visit the lab under supervision to see how his mother’s donation of her body to science will benefit cancer research, but the special relationship with his mother may transcend death and science as we know it.

Directed by Josh Kaukl (USA)


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  1. I didn’t really have a lot of “behind the scenes” to share because it was an insane day and my second film. So, I wanted to share what we’ve done at Somatoform films this past year with our awesome film community in Columbus, Ohio, and how “SEED” and all the people we’ve worked with in all our films have made some outstanding cinematic moments together and continue to inspire us at Somatoform Films. Special thanks to Jeremy Gladen, Ed Hayes jr., Rusty Pietrzak, Nic White, Room Escape Adventures, Nora D Kaukl, Nathan Erhardt, and Ramona Schwalbach for being a part of this award winning film that’s getting all our names out there. And Austin Michael for the outstanding score you composed !

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