Interview with John Anthony, director of ISA award-winning “Rookies”

Two young hitmen try to get made by taking out a rival mob boss. The storyline of “Rookies”, awarded Bronze Best Crime Short in ISA’s July season. A short film by experienced writer, director, and actor John Anthony.

John Anthony
John Anthony

ISA: What made you decide to make this film?

John Anthony: I decided to make this film after I wrote a scene for my acting class. After looking at it, I thought it would be a great opportunity to turn it into a short film and add more characters and depth to the story.

ISA: What did you want to tell to the audience with “Rookies”?

JA: I wanted to show how two young hitmen, who wanted to get made and earn the respect of their mob boss, enter an establishment and try to take out a rival mob boss. With every film I create, my ultimate goal is for the audience to relate to some aspect of the story and the characters and feel moved by it.

ISA: How difficult is to to make the audience believe in the characters and feel emotionally linked with a short film?


JA: I don’t think it is very difficult. I think if your characters are believable, the audience quickly attaches to them. The writing is a key component. A lot of people can relate to the characters in “Rookies”: from Rosie (the owner of the restaurant) to Gianna (the waitress) as well as Mikey and Joey. I am a huge fan of David Chase, the creator of “Sopranos”, who really gave me the inspiration to write a story like “Rookies”. I hope someday he will have the chance to watch “Rookies” and give me some pointers. As a writer, director, and actor, I am always learning which makes the whole idea of creating new projects so much fun.

ISA: Are you happy with the final result or would you change something?

JA: Yes, I am so happy with the way “Rookies” turned out. And it is such an honor to have participated in Independent Shorts Awards and presented with the Bronze award for Best Crime Drama.

ISA: What’s next?

JA: I am currently in post-production on my 8th short film, a romantic comedy, with two more shorts scheduled to film in the upcoming months. One is a sequel to “Rookies”, which I am so excited to begin. I just recently finished my first full-length screenplay and am in the process of scheduling meetings with production companies and agencies.

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