Review of “My Week With Maisy”

Mark Oxtoby, the director of ISA multi-award-winning short film “David’s Here”, is back with the remarkable script “My Week With Maisy”, also a recipient of an ISA Platinum Award. A sensitive and touching writing piece in which Oxtoby turns a simple idea into something beautiful with the power to touch the viewer.

My Week With Maisy
My Week With Maisy

Written by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

When it comes to talking, kids have no filters. They ask everything they want to know without concerns, even if at times it can be invasive or inappropriate. The script “My Week With Maisy”written by Mark Oxtoby, shows exactly the innocence of kids and how pure childhood is.

The story Oxtoby created is so extraordinary that the reader doesn’t even feel like it is reading fourteen pages. It embraces the audience in the innocent and funny dialogue in such way that makes it wonder what Maisy is going to say next. Besides that, it even teaches to accept things such as death and diseases and learn to live life to the fullest. Maisy shows that it is not hard to ask questions and to interact with others, and sometimes, just a small conversation or observation makes someone else’s day. The idea of the story can be simple but is much more than that. It is heartbreaking to even imagine little kids struggling with diseases like cancer, but Maisy is the symbol that sometimes they are stronger and radiate light.

An amazing aspect of this incredible script is the way it is written. It does not need many annotations regarding location indications or detailed description of the characters and surroundings. As someone reads it, it is easy to imagine it visually. It is hard to conquer this so well, to be able to make someone visualize so much with only using a few words. Even though that is a curious aspect, the dialogue is still the biggest strength of this work.

“My Week With Maisy” is an amazing script that has the potential to make a beautiful short film. One of the biggest aspects for the success of a short film is the story. Even though the story does not have to be complex, it should be meaningful. Oxtoby turned a simple idea into something beautiful with the power to touch the viewer, and with a lot of messages behind it. A sensitive and touching writing piece.

Mark Oxtoby
Mark Oxtoby


Mrs. Foster has just received the news that she has cancer. Anxious about starting her chemotherapy treatment, she forms a friendship that gives her much more than just a glimmer of hope.

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