Jonathon Kane message on his ISA Gold Award for Best Student Short

ISA Certificate of Achievement for "The Concourse" directed by Jonathon Kane
ISA Certificate of Achievement for “The Concourse” directed by Jonathon Kane

ISA award-winning filmmaker Jonathon Kane statement on his Gold Award for Best Student Short for “The Concourse“.

Jonathon Kane is an award-winning filmmaker currently completing his senior year at Huntington University. Previously to “The Concourse”, that he co-wrote and directed, he worked as assistant director on “Beauty in the Rubble” and “Hidden Beauty: Tokyo”, documentaries both shot in Japan in 2015.
In the arena of short films, he was the writer and assistant director on “Standardized”, a winner at the Broadcast Educator Association Awards in 2015. He also directed “Do Not Go Gentle”, which picked up a Fort Wayne ADFED Award in 2015. Recently, he served as assistant director for “Something’s Wrong” with Norman Tulley, a 2016 winner of the Miami Independent Film Festival and semi-finalist of the Los Angeles CineFest.

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