Unge Ferrari – Hjerteløs

Unge Ferrari - Hjerteløs

Unge Ferrari – Hjerteløs

Music video for Unge Ferrari, produced by Stir.

We wanted to create a mysterious universe where Unge Ferrari`s dark thoughts battle his shiny, casanova facade.

The music video is made with a combination of film and 3D. In order to tie live action and 3D together, the same lighting is used, which also pulses to the music throughout. The light was programmed pulsating on the film set. Furthermore, advanced match moving techniques are used to replace parts of the head of Unge Ferrari with 3D crystals. The models of the head of Unge Ferrari are based on a 3D scan of his head and then modeled on details from ancient Greek statues – such as the curls of the hair.

Directed by Axel Lavin (Norway)