Suicide 101

Suicide-101-800x445How do you prove a suicide was actually murder when the victim was already suicidal?

Jared, a sociopathic suicide support group leader helps to drive a twenty-something-year-old Simon to leap off the roof of his apartment building. An already fragile Simon had been attending Jared’s support group for months recommended to him by his sister.

Andrew is a new attendee to Jared’s support group after his recent stint with some of his wife’s sleeping pills. He claims he took the entire bottle out of pure boredom. He’s the only one who writes notes during the group meetings. While supposedly trying to support everyone in their time of need, Jared usually ends up reminiscing about the different ways he’s attempted to take his own life. The slashing of his wrists horizontally instead of the more definite technique of a true suicidal with vertical cuts as he shows everyone the scars.

Written by Randy Zuniga (USA)

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