Setback of the Spirit

Poster 3b1eb33974-posterThe film “Setback of the Spirit”, directed by Sa’ed Arouri, portrays the Palestinian cause through the life of a ‘Jeddeh’, a grandparent that finally returns with her grandson to one of the Palestinian cities after the demise of the occupation. She finds her home exactly as she left it. Her memory takes her back to 1967 where she remembers the last moments she spent in the house. In these memories she finds something completely unexpected. “Setback of the Spirit” stars Ishaq Ilias, Nibal Al Awadi and Monther Khaleel Mostafa. Story and production by Laura Haddadin, dramatic treatment by Rifqi Assaf. Ahmad Saif as the Director of Photography and Ahmad Hamaydeh as the Art Director. Set design by Natalie Soumbouloglou.

Directed by Sa’ed Arouri (Jordan)



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