Silver Awards: May 2021

Best Indie ShortRecountdown (A Tale To Tell) by Pablo Malek and Said Bahij (France)

Best Drama ShortAmerican Immigrant by Shady A Mawajdeh (USA)

Best Documentary ShortTrue North: Sailing to Salvation by Suzie Galler (USA)

Best Comedy ShortThe Invite by Jordan Rader (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Siphon by Udoy Rahim (USA)

Best Thriller ShortMaya by Jacquile Kambo (Canada)

Best Crime ShortThe Butcher by Bruce Liang (USA)

Best Mystery ShortBlack Coffee by Zachary Padgett (USA)

Best Horror Short: Lost Spirit by Jackie Chang (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Pass by Ji Qingwei (China)

Best Fantasy ShortThe Knell by Joseph Osei-Bonsu (Ghana)

Best Romantic ShortThe Fruit It Bears by The Browns (USA)

Best Experimental ShortPaint On Paint # 4 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Best Student ShortWhen a Honey Bee Stings by Daniel Lomboy (USA)

Best Animation ShortDumplings by Johanna Xue (USA)

Best Women ShortAria (Air) by Brace Beltempo and Barbara Sirotti (Italy)

Best LGBTQ Short: As The Winter Turns To Fall by Megan Arnold (USA)

Best MicrofilmThe Waiting Room by Georgie Cowan-Turner (UK)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Sad Sky by Kenny Nguyen (Australia)

Best Web and New Media: LA 143 by Sergio Monserrate (USA)

Best Parody ShortLivia, the Frescoed Lady by Cynthia De Cecco and Nanette Hofer (USA)

Best Director (Female): Starr Nathan for Motions (USA)

Best Director (Male): Victor Harder Hesel for The King of Nowhere (Denmark)

Best Student Director (Female): Wanyi Zhao for Fat Swan (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Ivan D. Ossa for In Other News (Canada)

Best First Time Director (Female): Erin Bergin and Darby Kate Snyder for Symfaunic (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Daniel Lomboy for When a Honey Bee Stings (USA)

Best Actress: Yasmine Alice for Anxious (UK)

Best Actor: Andriu Freitas for Pinnacle (Brazil)

Best Supporting Actress: Dani Savka for Velvet Crush (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Quentin Angerone for Felis (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Crystal WingX and Ning Lu for The Mother (UK)

Best Acting Ensemble: Shady A Mawajdeh, Jeshua Vargas, Basaam Rassass, Bader Abdelrazzaq, Anika Ibnat Zaman, and Mohamed Shehub for American Immigrant (USA)

Best Editing: Megan Arnold for As The Winter Turns To Fall (USA)

Best Production Design: Regene Galope for When a Honey Bee Stings (USA)

Best Sound Design: Makoto Inoue for I, Me… (Germany)

Best Original Score: Enrico Merlin for Aria (Air) (Italy)

Best Original Story: Joel Cocciolone and Rich Gilliam for Runner (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: First Gens (USA)

Best Short ScriptThe Hottest Day in June by Rickie O’Neill (Ireland)






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