Silver Awards: May 2018

Silver Awards May 2018

Best Narrative Short: Methylene by Ferdinand Coste (France)

Best Drama Short: Glass by Brionne Davis (USA)

Best Indie Short: Rest Stop by Stephen Dean (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Hijli Detention Camp to IIT: An Untold Saga by Pinaki Sarkar (India)

Best Animation Short: Futureworld by Christopher Angus (Canada)

Best Thriller Short: Mother’s Garden by Derek Johnson (USA)

Best Horror Short: Brace Face by Jonathan Holbrook and Elena Stecca (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: ALiCe by Natsumi Shibata (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: The Call of Madness by Xaiver Mikell (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Adult Humans by James Zeiss (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Dum Dum Dumroo by Akash Goila (India)

Best Comedy Short: The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet by John Tso (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: All About SEC-377 by Amit Khanna (India)

Best Music Video: Perihelion: Örvény by Norbert Porkoláb (Hungary)

Best Male Director: Clodoaldo Lino for Lazarus’ Resurrection Won’t Do Any Good (Brazil)

Best First Time Director: Adam Robinson for Honey (UK)

Best Actress: Michelle Stahl for Brace Face (USA)

Best Actor: Bruce Weech for Sounds of Freedom (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: London Peith for Uniform (USA)

Best Duo: Katie Rubin and Sammy Wegent for The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet (USA)

Best Cinematography: Holly Chadwick for Sounds of Freedom (USA)

Best Original Score: The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet (USA)

Best Original Story: Jonathan Holbrook for Brace Face (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: The Handler by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

Best Short Script: The Newcomers by Joe Wakefield (USA)