Silver Awards: July 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Narrative Short: Time Can Break Your Heart by Paul Schwartz (USA)

Best Drama Short: Not Much Time by Neil Watson (USA)

Best Indie Short: Jiejie by Feng-I Fiona Roan (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Living on the Edge: Deglamourizing Bollywood by Opender Chanana (India)

Best Comedy Short: My Lunatic Lucy by Wanyin Tang (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Blue Diamonds by Patrick House (USA)

Best Mystery Short: The Sound of Silence by Zachary Simms (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: Caducea by Christophe Mavroudis (Belgium)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Into the Dark by Lukas Hassel (USA)

Best Crime Short: Blue Diamonds by Patrick House (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Contrition by Trent Newton (Canada)

Best Horror Short: The Stay by Frazer Lee (UK)

Best Western Short: Hunter by Shashank Varma (India)

Best Animation Short: Shipwrecked by Sabrina Marengo (UK)

Best Children Short: Our Way To Fall by Zoey Peck (USA)

Best Women Short: Feet of Fire by Amanda Abicalaffe (USA)

Best LGBT Short: INFRA Story by Fabrice Briseux (France)

Best Music Video: Corridor by Cassandre Émanuel (Canada)

Best Experimental Short: Node by Engin Poyraz (Turkey)

Best Student Short: Presentation by Danielle Kampf (USA)

Best Microfilm: Our Way To Fall by Zoey Peck (USA)

Best Director (Female): Alice Evermore for Moon Corridor (Germany)

Best Director (Male): Pasquale Cangiano for The Sconfessions (Italy)

Best First Time Director: Taz Skylar for Multifacial (UK)

Best Student Director: Danielle Kampf for Presentation (USA)

Best Actress: Tara Rose Schreiber for Liberal Jews (USA)

Best Actor: Jamie Lynch for Rat Trap (Australia)

Best Child/Young Actress: Nelly Stahl for Moon Corridor (Germany)

Best Acting Duo: Tara Rose Schreiber and Eric Haber for Liberal Jews (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Jolie Chi, Corey Timmons, Varinia Stewart, Sheila Mears, Fayley Patrice and Will Denson for My Lunatic Lucy (USA)

Best Cinematography: Brandon Garcia for The Littlest Undertaker (USA)

Best Editing: Jeff Lucky for Ur Mines (USA)

Best Sound Design: Jimmy Smithson and Stephen Peppos for Emergence (USA)

Best Original Score: Jakob Balogh for The Crack (Germany)

Best Trailer/Teaser: The So-So You Don’t Know by Marlene Rhein (USA)

Best Original Story: Katerina Tsoumpa and Filippos Tsapekis for 9 to 5 (Greece)

Best Short Script: Grave Mistakes by Brandon Prosek (USA)