Pickford Theater: Block 2.9 – (Dark) Comedies (Sunday 12th, 4.55pm – 6.35pm)

A Hole

A skilled workman digs a perfect hole in a cracked earthen plain in an endless warehouse, a series of well-dressed people come and sit on comfortable couches offering contradictory opinions, and the job gradually unravels.

Directed by James Solomon (New Zealand)


Expecting single Mom, Paige, just wants to get some sleep. When she tries to tell her neighbors to keep the music down, Paige learns that some things are scarier than becoming a parent.

Directed by Alex Backes and Tanner Boyajian (USA)

3rd Time’s A Charm

Third Time’s A Charm

A man treks up a mountain looking for an end to his pain but meets a stranger on his path who shows him something different.

Directed by Alice L Walker (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

Better Half

After 40-years of codependent marriage, a husband makes a life changing decision to ensure that he will never have to endure another waking moment with his wife.

Directed by Pete Johnson and Adam Jones (USA)

California premiere

Something About Bubbles

An original political satire comedy series, following two liberal filmmakers as they attempt to make “The Bubble Project”, a documentary exploring the issues that divide our country.

Directed by Mark Cheng and Graham Brown (USA)

World premiere