Pickford Theater: Block 2.2 – Kids (Sat 11th, 11.40am-1.30pm)

From Another World

Three children are riding their bikes in a park. Lorenzo, the youngest, is attracted by the strange interferences of his walkie talkie. Petrified in front of the small agonizing creature that he saw at the foot of a tree, he’s reached by his friends. Is it an alien? Is it a martian? Surely they cannot leave it there…

Directed by Lorenzo Di Nola (Italy)

Sixth Grade

Gege, a sixth-grade girl, is moving away from the old neighborhood because her parents have decided to send her to one of the best middle schools of the city. She, with her best friend Wanli – a boy, in order to ‘be together forever’, comes up with many tricks to prevent her parents from moving, but finally realizes that nothing could be changed, they have to say goodbye. At last, however, Wanli comes up with an idea.

Directed by Yuzhuo Wang (China)

California premiere


While visiting a home for children, a little girl meets Joseph, a boy whose only dream is to have a yellow umbrella. This unexpected encounter awakens his memories of the past.

Directed by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece (Brazil)

Don’t Feed These Animals

Once upon a time there was a lobotomised bunny who lived in a research laboratory. He had a bi-polar personality disorder, triggered by his huge appetite for carrots. One day the bunny brings a carrot to life by accident but also creates something evil. Now both carrot and bunny must surpass their differences and join forces, so that together they may end this threat.

Directed by Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas (Portugal)

Master Moley By Royal Invitation

The story of a young Mole and his adventure to pick a rose from the Queen’s Garden, not knowing that this simple act will change, not only his life, but the life of all Moles.

Directed by Leon Joosen (UK)

Circus Sam

Set in an American coastal town, Alice Featherston is having a hard time asking her crush, Dave, to be her high school prom date. That changes, however, when she meets a traveling circus clown, Sam. The two strike up a unique rapport. A coming-of-age story about a young girl finding her confidence, made only possible by the friendship with a magical, mystical but kind-hearted stranger.

Directed by Rayner Wang (Japan)

California premiere