Last Call

An abrasive and cunning salesman named Thomas finds out that his father is dead when his estranged brother Derek barges in on the middle of an important sales call. Derek takes Thomas to their father’s house where they find his dead body still sitting on the couch with a bottle of pills. Derek doesn’t have the courage to call 911 and Thomas berates him for his emotion over their abusive father. Derek leaves and Thomas verbally lashes out at his dead father until he realizes he can’t change anything anymore. Thomas calls 911 and makes peace with his father. He also reunites with his brother finding the longing for connection with Derek.
Directed by Jarrod Anderson (USA)


When a young girl wakes up after a head injury and does not recognize anything or anyone around her, she begins to uncover the sinister and frightening truth about her identity. A shocking ending where the journey from overwhelming grief and desperation to sociopathic behavior, is very short.
Directed by Nicole Ludowese (USA)

Liquid Soul

Heartbroken and high from huffing gasoline, a psychotic fuel tanker driver plots revenge on the girl that broke his heart, her whole family, and their dog.
Directed by Allen Phillips and Trampas Smith (USA)

Don’t Mess with Lucy

Young Lucy always enjoyed family time with her mother Anna and older sister Meghan after her parents split up and her father relocated to Australia. When they both acquire new boyfriends, Lucy is having none of it and along with her trusty best friend Charlie, she plots to jeopardize both relationships.
Directed by Malcolm Holt (UK)


“Miazmat” is an attempt to reverse engineer the vision that drove S.I. Witkiewicz to create his 1922 painting composition.
Directed by Klaudiusz Wesołowski (Poland)

My Faith Story

A dialogue between reality, faith, biography, family and fantastic. In memory of the grandfather, Ghiță Vidu from Socolari. A very personal story about faith.
Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu (Romania)