Independent Shorts Awards

High Life

A young man meets his father for the very first time in an unexpected place.
Directed by Brandon Loper (USA)


A drunk, troubled father takes the law into his own hands. He confines a man in his auto shop who has molested his daughter. His plan is to kill the violator. When his wife gets wind of what is happening she calls the shop, frantically trying to convince the father, whom she declares is, “…once again drunk off your ass!”, to stop what he is planning and come home. The father will have none of it. When his daughter enters the picture, however, the story and the father’s plans take a strange, ugly turn — with deadly consequences.
Directed by Ray DiZazzo (USA)

The Boy With The Teddy

A young boy runs alone with his teddy bear in his arms through the city and meets on his way a young man who takes him into his apartment…
Directed by Alessandro Schuster (Germany)

Heart Burn

A pyromaniac falls for a girl who is afraid of fire after they are paired up in group therapy.
Directed by Christina Corcoran (USA)


A man on the verge of a quarter-life crisis is told that his wife is cheating on him… by his car’s GPS unit.
Directed by Nilendra Fonseka (Australia)


Kayla and Jesse escape the city life by responding to a house sitting ad in the country. Now, they must escape something much more terrifying.
Directed by Daniel G. Ross II (USA)

Ur Mines

On a single day in London, a jaded saxophone player and a frustrated photographer make a seemingly random (or is it?) connection as they bond over their common artistic and personal struggles.
Directed by Jeff Lucky (USA)

Simon Says

Simon Salas, an outcast high school student who believes he’s schizophrenic because he can hear the voice of his own shadow. He’s bullied at school because he’s different. He’s in denial regarding his shadow and takes medicine to get rid of the voices. One day when he’s getting beaten up in the school’s bathroom by his classmates he will finally accept his power and let them save him from the bullies.
Directed by Katherin Hussein (USA)